Bungee Jumping: 30 Seconds of Joy, Fear, and Adrenaline

When I was little, my mom asked me the old cliché, “If all of your friends jumped off of a bridge would you do it too?” Now that I am older, apparently I am the bad influence encouraging other kids to jump. A few days ago I texted my friend Cody out of the blue and asked him if he’d make the 3-hour drive with me to jump off of a 125-year-old bridge in Kentucky. Luckily he is as crazy as I am and agreed.

The day before we left, Cody realized our destination was in Eastern Time. I’ve lived in Nashville on and off for over 13 years and I am still not used to being in Central Time.  We left Nashville around 5:30 a.m. I am not a morning person. Yet, my excitement for the day was a good replacement for my morning coffee (although I had some of that too).

Young's High Bridge

Our jump was at the aptly named Young’s High Bridge in Tyrone, Kentucky, which spans 240ft (73m) above the Kentucky River. Vertigo Bungee owns the bridge and runs their bungee operation from it.

The idea of bungee jumping did not scare me. I’ve gone skydivinghang gliding, and flown a plane, so jumping off of a bridge felt like the next logical step. Fearing nothing, and being a bit full of myself, I signed up for a triple jump package that included a “head dip” into the water. Once I saw the murkiness of the river, I asked if I could just touch the water with my hands (called a “hand slap”) on my third jump instead. (The water is usually quite clear, but recent heavy rains flooded the river).

The number of bungee cords used depends on the weight of the jumper. Because I am rather small, they had to switch the cords out for me and I was the last person to go for the day. But, the weather was lovely and watching others jump made the time go by quickly.

Ready to Bungee Jump

When it was time for my first jump, I did not hesitate. I was excited and ready to go.

Bungee Jump Launch

As I stepped off of the platform I wondered if this was what Wile E. Coyote felt like when he realized the ground was no longer beneath him.

Bungee Jumping Leap

Suddenly I was flying through the air.

Bungee Free Falling

I had no way to tell which way was up.

Bungee Jumping River

It was hard to know when I was falling and when I was flying back up to the sky. The one thing I did know was that I absolutely loved it.

Bungee Jumping Selfie

Once I finally stopped bounding through the air, I hung by my feet spinning like a top above the river. It was like a little bonus ride.

Bungee Jumping Upside Down

You are probably wondering how we get back up to the bridge. No, they do not drag you up by your feet. They send down a rope which you attach to your harness and you are hoisted up head first. It is actually a rather nice ride to the top. I could have hung out there all day.

Bungee Return to the Top

Here is a video of the big jump:

Here is the same jump from my perspective:

Once I returned to the top, it was immediately time for jump number two. Despite loving it the first time, when I stepped toward the edge I was suddenly filled with terror. I just could not make myself do it again. I could not figure out why I could jump so easily the first time but be so certain that I could not do it a second time.

I had to sit down and collect myself. I used that as an opportunity to review the tape, so to speak, and convince myself that it was safe to go again. I refused to let the fear win. About 20 minutes later I was ready to step back out on the ledge. Alan from Vertigo Bungee, who I am convinced needs to be my personal life coach, soothed my nerves and got me back out on the ledge. I took a few deep breaths and jumped again.

This jump felt a bit more erratic than the first. I flew back up hitting the cords above me. The second jump did not fill me with the positive emotions that came with the first jump.

Bungee Jumping Rebound

Once I made it back up to the bridge, I felt completely disoriented. I had to sit down for a while as my head and stomach spun. I was utterly unable to move for what seemed like an eternity. I have never been prone to motion sickness so this was a new experience for me. However, I suppose if you spin around upside down long enough you are bound to feel sick.

I finally collected myself and Cody helped escort me back to the car. As we neared the end of the bridge I turned around to give it one last look. This was a horrible mistake. The simple act of turning my head was more than my tiny body could take. I made it to the edge of the bridge just in time to puke my guts out. Just writing about it now, I have to reach for the dramamine we picked up on the way home.

I still have one jump left in my package that I can use this season. I have not yet decided if I want to use it. At first, I thought that two jumps were more than enough for me, but in just 36 hours my opinion on that has softened.


While my jumps were not my first steps down my path to adventure and personal growth, they were important steps. I was able to cross one more thing off of my list that intimidated me. I strongly believe that all fears in our lives must be overcome. Whether it is heights, death, or getting your heart broken, we end up much happier when we learn to embrace both the journey and the fall.

My Skin Cancer Diagnosis—And Why You Should Get Checked Too

A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a common form of skin cancer. It was not something I ever expected to deal with. I don’t go to tanning beds, I don’t sun bathe, I cover up, and I always wear sunscreen. I thought I was doing everything right. I was doing everything right. Despite that, I still got skin cancer decades before the average person.

Before Skin Cancer Surgery

I first discovered the spot on my shoulder about two years ago after a day in the sun at Steeplechase. At the time, I thought it was just a rash or a scrape or some other innocuous weird human body thing and just ignored it (see below for a what-is-that-red-mark-on-my-shoulder-selfie). For the most part, it didn’t bother me, it didn’t seem to grow or change, and most of the time I barely noticed it. I assumed it was nothing.

Approximately a year later, I saw a Facebook post (caution: graphic photos) by a young woman named Tawny Willoughby. At just 21 years old Tawny got her first skin cancer diagnosis. After six years and several more occurrences, she shared her story to warn others. It was her post, and her description of her symptoms, that made me first suspect that the mysterious spot on my shoulder might actually be skin cancer.

I finally scheduled an appointment for myself a few months later. You might be asking yourself why it took me so long to go to a dermatologist to get checked out after I realized I might have skin cancer. The answer is simple: I am an idiot. I let things like work and fear and stubbornness get in the way of me taking care of myself. I don’t really have an excuse for it. Trust me, any excuses you have for not going aren’t very good either.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Basal cell carcinoma is caused by sun exposure. I used to think that skin cancer just appeared as oddly shaped moles. However, it can appear in many forms. Additional symptoms can include: rough or scaly red patches that do not heal or possibly bleed on and off or crust; patches with itchiness, tenderness, or pain; raised growths or lumps; pearly or waxy bumps; flat, flesh-colored or brown scar-like lesions; and a long long list of other possibilities. Essentially, if it looks different, go get it checked.

The spot on my shoulder was just a red patch that looked relatively normal unless I spent a day in the sun. When that occurred, it would become sore and raw. I committed the cardinal sin of looking up my symptoms online. It seemed like classic basal cell carcinoma. A trip to the dermatologist and a biopsy confirmed my suspicions. When the nurse called to tell me the news I responded by excitedly shouting “internet diagnosis for the win!”

The solution? Surgery.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

I am recovering nicely from my surgery. The first few days were a bit of a pain because my movement was rather limited. I have two layers of stitches (internal and external). But in a few weeks I’ll be good as new. Plus, I’ll have a fun new scar on my shoulder that will make me look dangerous.

I am lucky. Basal cell carcinoma is pretty treatable. It is malignant, but slow moving and rarely metastasizes. It is basically the pot head of the cancer world. However, studies show basal cell and other skin cancers are linked to higher risks of other forms of cancer (such as breast, colon, bladder, liver, lung, brain, prostate, stomach and pancreas). I already had a pretty high incidence of cancer in my family’s history. This is one more reason for me to be vigilant and get my annual checks.

I hope this post will motivate you to go get a screening. If my cancer had not been on my shoulder, I might not have seen it and could have let it grow for years unchecked. It would have turned a very treatable situation into a disastrous one. It doesn’t matter how young or “careful” you think you are, go see a dermatologist. It could save your life. (And please share this post to encourage your friends to do the same).

Easter Egg Hunt (And Petting A Kangaroo)

Before you are horrified that I’ve never been to an Easter egg hunt, don’t worry, I have. However, the last one I participated in was over 2 decades ago. That is long ago enough to make the list. What I haven’t done is participate in an Easter egg hunt as an adult. Easter egg hunts for adults are hard to come by, but they do exist.

Bunny Ears

Each year Rock Castle hosts an egg hunt for both kids and adults. The kid hunt is separated from the adult hunt, so there is no nonsense with parents pushing down kids or stealing eggs like what happened at the Pez Factory. (Unrelated: Egg hunts aside, the Pez Factory seems like the greatest place on Earth).

Easter Eggs

The ground was littered with brightly colored eggs. Most of them were laid out in the yard so it was more of an egg grab than an egg hunt.

Waiting for Easter Egg Hunt

All of the adults lined up ready for the signal to begin. The only rule was that you had to wear rabbit ears. If you didn’t have your own, you could make them there.

Adult Easter Egg Hunt

When the whistle blew everyone took off running to grab as many eggs as possible as the theme song from Benny Hill aptly played in the background.

Easter Egg in Tree

Everyone scrambled searching for eggs. One guy even climbed into a tree on his search.

Mad Hatter

The hunt had a Alice in Wonderland theme (hence the requisite white rabbit ears). We had to pose for pictures with the colorful characters.

Alice and Queen of Hearts

The Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and Alice were in attendance.

Easter Basket

After the hunt, I finally went through the loot. I made out with a good variety of candy, including two of my favorites: Starburst and Skittles. I tried to ration it out, but I still consumed enough to give myself a massive sugar high.

Next year I’d like to host my own Easter egg hunt for my friends at my house. Adults don’t get to have enough child-like fun and we definitely need the release.

Easter Egg Hunt Basket

Petting a Kangaroo

On a completely unrelated adventure, I visited the Nashville Zoo on Easter weekend. When I went a few years ago I noticed the Kangaroo Kickabout was opening soon. It took me a while to come back to see it, but I am glad I did.

Petting a Kangaroo

The Kangaroo Kickabout is an enclosed attraction with 18 adorable red kangaroos. You have to stay on a pathway, but can pet any kangaroo within reach. Only one was feeling friendly enough to say hello. The furry little creature was so snuggly I wanted to take it home with me. The kangaroo’s fur is the softest thing I’ve ever felt. Anyone think I can sneak it home in my purse?

Hooray for Hollywood: Hiking to the Hollywood Sign

I go to Los Angles for work every few months, but I rarely get to see any of it.  This trip, I got to sneak off for the afternoon with my brother and sister-in-law (who live there) for some touristy fun. I don’t like the typical tourist activities and wanted to do something a little off the beaten path, so to speak. When I found out that you can (legally) hike up to the Hollywood Sign I knew I had to do it.

View of Hollwood Sign

The Hollywood Sign originally read “Hollywoodland” and was erected in 1923 to advertise a new housing development in the Hollywood hills. It was only intended to last a year and a half, but has become one of the most recognizable images in the world.

There are several paths up to the sign, but I decided on Hollyridge Trail because the end of your hike actually takes you behind the sign! It is a 3.5 mile round-trip mike that ascends about 750 feet to the top of Mt. Lee. However, if you are visiting on a weekend or holiday you cannot park anywhere near the trailhead. The trail begins at the end of Beachwood Dr., which is residential parking only. (Plug 3400 N. Beachwood Drive into your GPS to get there). We ended up parking 1.3 miles from the trail, making our journey to the top and back over 6 miles. The extra walking was worth it. Beachwood is a beautiful street with unique homes and fragrant fauna. The shaded walk smelled of honeysuckle and lemon trees. Be sure to hit up Beachwood Cafe at the beginning of your hike for a snack and the worlds greatest basil mint lemonade.

Holly Ridge Trail Smokey the Bear

The trails are either dirt or paved road. There isn’t a lot of hiking involved, but it is almost all steep hills. However, the dirt paths are also horse paths so they smell a bit . . . manurey.

Horseback Riding Hollyridge Trail

A few minutes into the Hollywood Trail hike the path splits and intersects with Mulholland Trail. This is, of course, completely unmarked. We walked right past the turn off and continued straight for several minutes. So, if you visit, be sure to take a sharp left when you come upon the junction. (We should have followed these directions).

Hollyrdige Trail View

But the detour wasn’t all bad. The views were incredible and the foliage was extra green from recent rains.

Holly Ridge Trail view of Los Angeles

Every once in a while the city of Los Angles would peak out from behind the hills and remind us that it was there. The trail was serene compared to the bustling city below.

Trail Behind Hollywood Sign

As you reach the peak of Mt. Lee the legendary sign comes into view. The 45-foot-tall letters tower over the city below.

View Behind Hollywood Sign

Although it was a bit overcast (for LA) you could still see for miles. Downtown LA is off to the left and the Pacific Ocean is off to the right. (You can click on the images to enlarge them). At a peak of 1700 feet, the view of Los Angeles was incredible. However, it was also incredibly windy and cold.


After we finished our picture taking we headed back down the hill to loop around to see what we were told was “the best view of the sign in the city.” The same trail that takes you to the peak also swings back down around in front of the sign. It was, of course, yet another incredible view.

Posing in front of Hollywood Sign

The whole trip took us about 3 hours, and it was well worth the time. I would happily do it again just to get another chance to see the view. It was a great way to do something touristy without dealing with the crowds and traffic. Above all else, it was perfect for some quality family time.

PS: Shout out to my buddy Brad for inspiring the hike, even if he is pissed at me for not telling him I was in LA.

Pearl Knotting: A Zen Night of Jewelry Making

A few months ago I took a metal stamping jewelry class. I really enjoyed my experience, so when I saw a class on pearl knotting I thought it would be a fun way to spend a few hours. Chandler Williams, a local jewelry designer, hosted the class at The University School of Nashville. (USN has a ton of fun evening classes, so check out their offerings if you live nearby).

Pearl Knotting Materials

Pearl knotting is the practice of making jewelry by hand tying thread knots between beads on a necklace or bracket. It is a pretty simple process, and you only need a few supplies: pearls (any size will do, but if you want a 20-inch stand you’ll need 65-70 6mm pearls), 2 clam shell knot covers, a clasp and jump ring, natural silk bead cord (size 4, .60mm), and some G-S Hypo Cement glue.

Pearls for Necklace

Before I started I neurotically laid out my pearls so the necklace would be symmetrical and the best and largest pearls would be in the front. I never miss an opportunity to be obnoxiously organized.

Pearl Necklace Begining

You begin by tying a knot at the end of the string and placing one of the clam shell knot covers at the base. The clasp is then attached and you have a start to your necklace.

Pearl Knotting

The knotting process can be pretty tedious. It took almost 2 hours to do a 20-inch necklace, but I enjoyed it. There was something calming about focusing on the knots. It took some concentration to avoid mistakes of having the knots too large or far apart. I was able to use the time to clear my mind and only focus on what was in front of me.

Homemade Pearl Necklace

Each time I tied a knot I used a corsage pin to move the knot as close to the pearl in front of it as possible. Then, I used the next pearl in line to tighten it. I repeated these steps approximately 70 times. The process was pretty mistake-free, except for when I got distracted by work texts and started getting the string tangled around itself.

Finished Pearl Necklace

Voila! After a little bit of effort the necklace was done! It ended up being a lot easier than I thought. I really enjoyed the class. There was something zen and relaxing about focusing on the knotting and not being distracted by the world around me (well, except temporarily by work).

Dining on Escargot

I was a vegetarian for approximately 15 years. About a year ago I expanded my dietary world to include fish, and now, apparently, I have thrown snails into the mix. When I starting eating fish is was a necessity during a busy trial; lots of long hours and few breaks for food meant I needed an easy way to up my protein intake. I never expected that it would lead to an ever-expanding world of new foods. My friend Tina, who is an endless source of good ideas, suggested I try the dish. We were both in need of a night off so we went to Nashville’s legendary Sperry’s Restaurant for a girls’ night out.


Escargot has been served for centuries. We all know it is famous French cuisine, but it was also a delicacy in ancient Rome and may have been a part of the prehistoric diet. Who knew cavemen were so civilized. Believe it or not, it is also pretty healthy. Escargot is extremely high in protein and low in fat. Well, if you don’t count all the butter.

Eating Escargot

The escargot were served in a traditional dish with mushrooms and garlic-herb, seasoned butter. The taste and texture reminded me of a combination of mussels and cooked mushrooms. A squirt of lemon really brought out the flavor. They were chewy, but not tough. And no, they were not slimy or anything else you might expect from a snail.

I never expected that escargot would taste so, well, normal. I am glad I decided to branch out and add something new to my diet. I am all ready for my next trip to Paris.

A Night of Burlesque

What better way to spend Valentine’s weekend than a trip to a burlesque show. (Warning: While this post is safe for work, no promises that the links are. Click at your own risk and enjoyment.) Burlesque is an old school variety show filled with music, bawdy jokes, and sexy stripteases. The City Winery in Nashville is home to Wasabassco Burlesque, which is one of the best burlesque shows in the world. Lucky us!

Vintage Burlesque Costumes

The evening started with a number by the funny and campy host for the evening, GiGi La Femme. After her sassy striptease, she explained to the audience that Tennessee has specific laws regarding how much a performer can show at an establishment that serves alcohol. Essentially, in addition to pasties, women have to cover the “underboob” and “the vortex,” which GiGi LaFemme described as “where the flower meets the goods.” (It’s true, being a lawyer/nerd I looked up the statute when I got home.) This is the buckle of the Bible-belt, so I can’t say I am surprised.

There were 8 stripteases, with each dancer doing 1-2 retro-fabulous songs. The female performers for night were Gidget Bardot, Turvy TrollopDiletta Delight, Marie Merlot, and special guest from NYC, Gal Friday. We also got the added unexpected special treat of some “manlesque” with a performance from Masterblaster. (Yes, Masterblaster had pasties and his underboobs covered as well.)

I don’t know if something can simultaneously be tasteful and crude, but if it is possible, the result would be burlesque. The evening was filled with much tassel twirling and booty bouncing, and it was not for the prudish or faint of heart.

Vintage Burlesque

In addition to being totally jealous of their amazing hair and makeup, there were two things I loved about the evening. One, the dancers came in all shapes and sizes (all of whom were perfect and beautiful), and two, the audience was about 60% women. In fact, the majority of the cat calls came from women. It was definitely an evening of girl power. (Seriously though, Gidget Bardot is also a scientist which is pretty damn cool.)

If you want to enter the world of burlesque, believe it or not you can take lessons! I learned that you can take a variety of awesome burlesque classes at Delinquent Debutantes—which I am sure will be the setting for a future New Thing.

If you want a sample of what to expect, here is GiGi La Femme dancing to Elvis Presley’s “Tying to Get to You.”


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